Apple blames exploding headphones on third-party battery

Anthony Sinclair

Apple is blaming third-party batteries for a pair of its headphones exploding mid-flight, injuring a lady and damaging her clothes.

The girl (who needs to stay nameless) sought compensation for the price of her broken clothes and to switch the headphones after her pair sparked and caught fireplace whereas she was napping on a flight from Australia to Beijing earlier this 12 months.

An Apple consultant claimed its investigation “indicated the difficulty was attributable to a third-party battery”, though the girl says the AAA batteries she bought had been from Australia and that “nowhere on the headphones, or their packaging, does it specify which model of batteries ought to be used”.

The headphones had been purchased in 2014, duty-free, and though they haven’t been recognized in any official statements, it might be truthful to imagine they're a pair of battery-operated, Apple-manufactured headphones.

Although the girl suffered burns on her arms, neck and chest, there doesn’t appear to be any declare made in her statements to cowl these accidents.

Images courtesy of the ATSB

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