“10% of Battery remaining”, this is the most frustrating thing you will see all day. Especially if you are on the tube coming back from work and you don’t remember what she asked you to buy from the corner shop or where exactly is this restaurant you were supposed to meet at. How come? You charged your phone during your lunch break so it should still be on 50% at least! Now you remember, you called, facetimed, listened to some music and finally it died while you were playing that new game, which graphics are pretty amazing. You feel powerless…

The members of the Vocal Views community ranked battery life as the 4th most important factor when selecting a smartphone behind the operating system, the brand and the camera. Battery life has been one of the main complaints from smartphone users along with overheating.People are tired of charging their phone twice or three times a day and want to remove this anxiety from their daily life.

The improvement of operating systems, camera lenses, screen resolution have largely overcame the improvement of our Lithium-ion batteries, which hasn’t advanced in decades. Also, the design trend is on creating thinner phones what makes it impossible to incorporate bigger batteries. Because of this, smartphones are not powerful enough to handle their own features fully for more than a few hours. It depends on how you use it, but if you intend to watch videos or play games it surely won’t last a day. For instance Sony advertised its brand new Xperia Z5 that has a 4K display as having a 2 days lasting battery! It might be true, but only if you are not using the 4K display.
What we can draw from our members’ reviews is that it also depend from one person to another, either its manufacturing defect or intensive usage some people more than others seem to have really short lasting batteries.

Therefore researchers are now working on new types of batteries, more powerful, long lasting and more reliable. Here are a few revolutionary and cutting edge innovations:

Scientists at the MIT have created the Nano “Yolk” battery that can be charged in only 6 minutes and triples the lifetime of Li-Ion batteries. Moreover it is inexpensive to produce and easy to scale, thus easy to incorporate into smartphones

Scientists at Stanford University have developed an aluminium graphite battery that could replenish to full in a smartphone in just a minute.Their aluminium graphite batteries are flexible, long lasting and charge incredibly fast. However they only hold about half the power of a current Li-Ion battery, but with charging to full in just a minute this should not be too much of a problem.

StoreDot, a groundbreaking Israeli materials-science start-up is building smartphone batteries that fully charge your phone in 30 seconds. They do so by designing new specific molecules that previously didn’t exist. The company claims it can charge its batteries 100 times faster than standard Li-Ion batteries, and that they last three years. They are working along with Samsung to incorporate those batteries into Samsung’s smartphones.

To solve the problem of poor battery life, people tend to buy portable battery chargers that allow you to charge your phone on the go.
However portable chargers currently available on the market are really long to charge, from 5 to 10 hours in average, and can fill up a smartphone like the IPhone 6 only twice in average. Also it might not be the best alternative if you are having troubles with remembering to charge your phone. You will now have 2 devices to charge.

Here is an example of a promising portable battery charger:

Lyte Systems proclaims its Lumopack is the fastest and longest lasting battery pack on the market. The battery can fill up in just 6 minutes with enough to charge an iPhone 6 fully. The Lumopack will be fully charged in just 30-minutes and will store enough juice for about over 3 IPhone 6 recharges. This is thanks to its Metal Organic Framework which enhances Li-ion battery performance by coating the cell and improving the transportation and diffusion of electrolytes. The Lumopack is currently available for pre-order on the Lyte systems website.

We are not far from seeing an astonishing revolution in the smartphone industry driven by the development of new battery technologies. This will result in major improvements such as charge time, battery life, cycle life and safety and will allow us to fully use the different features of our smartphone without worrying of seeing it run out.

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