Michael Fabricant

Michael Fabricant has slapped down a fellow Tory MP who appeared to suggest, behind his back, he was wearing a wig.

Mr Fabricant, whose trademark blond locks have been the subject of much speculation, saw social media posts about Huw Merriman’s alleged mockery.

Mr Merriman had said “definitely a wig” to Kelly Tolhurst, the MP sitting next to him, according to Twitter users.

Lichfield MP Mr Fabricant – who was asking the prime minister a question – was not amused by the alleged comment.

He told the BBC: “Huw is pretty short-sighted, he’s a relatively new member of Parliament – bless – he didn’t know that PMQs is actually televised.

“And I’m sure if he did, he would have behaved in a more grown-up way.”

Mr Merriman did not want to comment.

Mr Fabricant is known for his colourful personality and fondness for eye-catching stunts but has always been reluctant to discuss his hair, insisting it was a personal matter.

He once admitted to the Daily Mirror that he had undergone some “enhancement of the follicular area”, but denied sporting a wig.

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