Jess Phillips has confirmed she is supporting Lisa Nandy to be Labour’s next leader, after pulling out of the race yesterday.

The Birmingham Yardley MP told Sky News she would vote for Ms Nandy as her first preference and Sir Keir Starmer as her second preference.

In her first interview since exiting the battle to replace Jeremy Corbyn, she said: “I think Lisa has been deeply impressive throughout the race.

“And I have found that not just on a personal level but I think the public view and the stuff that she has been doing have really made her stand out.

“So for me I would be happy if the Labour Party were led by Lisa Nandy or Keir Starmer…

“I think Lisa Nandy is a brilliant woman and would be a brilliant leader of the Labour Party.”

She added that on her ballot “I would vote Lisa one and Keir two”.

Ms Phillips hit back at suggestions from some Labour figures the party’s next leader had to be a woman.

“I wouldn’t have voted for a Tory woman to be prime minister, it has to be the right woman and it has to be the right person,” she said.

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