EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier (r) sat with the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker (l)

EU leaders have actually rived the UK’s Brexit proposals, charging Boris Johnson of advancing untried concepts to fix the Irish boundary situation.

Chief mediator Michel Barnier claimed the EU required convenient options “today not tomorrow”.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker informed MEPs that while he would certainly “not exclude” a sell the coming days, development had actually been restricted.

Mr Johnson has actually claimed he continues to be “cautiously optimistic” concerning an offer.

He results from fulfill his Irish equivalent Leo Varadkar tomorrow to damage the predicament as well as attempt, while remaining to urge the UK will certainly leave on 31 October with or without a contract.

Earlier, it arised that MPs would certainly be called to Parliament for a special Saturday sitting on 19 October – the day after a problem EU top, which is viewed as the last opportunity for the UK as well as EU to concur an offer in advance of the 31 October target date.

The UK advanced fresh proposals to the EU for a Brexit bargain recently, yet they have not thus far prospered in damaging the predicament.

Updating MEPs on the state of talks, Mr Barnier claimed he thought “with goodwill” on both sides there might be a contract in the run-up to the top.

But he claimed “to put things very frankly and to try to be objective, we are not really in a position where we are able to find an agreement”.

As it stood, he claimed the UK was recommending changing an “operable, practical and legal solution” to prevent a difficult Irish boundary with”one that is simply a temporary solution”


Mr Barnier claimed the UK’s recommended option to the Irish backstop – which would certainly see personalizeds checks carried out far from the boundary at service properties or online – “had not been tested” as well as was “largely based” on exceptions for small companies as well as innovation that”has yet to be developed”


“We need operational real controls, credible controls, we are talking about the credibility of the single market here – its credulity to consumers, to companies, and to third counties that we have agreements with.”

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Mr Barnier likewise examined the stability of the UK’s proposals to offer the Northern Ireland Assembly a veto over whether it lined up with EU solitary market regulations for items from 2021 onwards as well as whether to deviate from them in the future.

However, he did validate both sides were checking out “a more important role” for the Northern Irish political establishments.

Mr Juncker, at the same time, took a swipe at the UK following a political row over the information of Tuesday’s telephone call in between Mr Johnson as well as German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Following the telephone call, a No 10 resource declared the German leader had actually claimed an offer based upon the UK’s proposals was “overwhelmingly unlikely” as well as made brand-new needs that made a contract “essentially impossible”.

“We remain in discussion with the UK,” Mr Juncker claimed. “Personally I don’t exclude a deal. I do not accept this blame game that started in London.”

Letter row

Former Belgian head of state Guy Verhofstadt charged Mr Johnson of playing video games as well as dealing with those looking for to avoid a no-deal Brexit as”traitors, collaborators and surrenderers”


“The reason this is happening is very simple. It is a blame game. A blame game against everybody – against the EU, against Ireland, against Mrs Merkel, against the British judicial system, against Labour, against the Lib Dems, even against Mrs May,” he claimed.

“The only person who is not being blamed is Mr Johnson apparently. All the rest are part of the problem.”

The head of state has actually claimed he is figured out the UK will certainly leave the EU on 31 October, in spite of regulation, referred to as the Benn Act, which needs him to contact Brussels asking for a more hold-up if an offer is not authorized off by Parliament by 19 October – or unless MPs consent to a no-deal Brexit.

Scottish courts claimed on Wednesday they would certainly not rule on a lawful obstacle from advocates looking for to compel the PM to send out the letter – or to permit an authorities to send it on his part if he declined. They claimed they would certainly postpone the choice till the political argument had “played out”.

No 10 has actually urged Mr Johnson will abide by the regulation, yet Laura Kuenssberg claims there are still discussions taking place in Downing Street concerning composing a 2nd letter, making the instance that a hold-up is unneeded.