Common questions about Vocal Views

Holla @vocalviews if you’ve got more questions and we’ll do our best to answer, just submit a ticket.

  • Who are Vocal Views?

    Vocal Views is a market research community that gives you the opportunity to express your opinions and have an impact on the future. Vocal Views allows interaction between members of the Vocal Views community through the activity feed. You are able to like each posts, comment or post any thought of your own. We reward you for sharing opinions through face to face interviews, focus groups and also online tasks/surveys.

    Becoming a member will also enable you the chance to be part of the monthly prizes draws organised by Vocal Views. It is an amazing opportunity to gain money or gifts with minimal effort, so be in touch and don’t miss out! Vocal Views also maintain an innovative blog, providing readers rich content articles of various topics. You will find our articles within the blog area, or follow up the new articles advertised on our social medias: Facebook Vocal Views and Twitter @Vocalviews

  • How do I sign up?

    Vocal Views allow you to sign up with a social media account making it easier. Click on the social media icon you’d like to sign up with, and complete the additional fields to complete registration. The other way for signing up is to enter your credentials manually.

    In both situation, your personal information is 100% secure. Our servers are fully encrypted with the latest 512-bit technology.

    Upon pressing submit, you will receive an email including a verification link to confirm your email address.

    By clicking on the link, you will be redirected to the website and be officially part of the Vocal Views community.

    If you do not receive the email within 15 minutes, please drop us an email.

  • How do I apply to participate in a study?

    Every time a new study becomes available in your country, you will receive an email prompting you to fill out a short screening survey. If your answers qualify, you will then receive a call from one of our recruiters to get you booked in.

    If you want to look for a specific study without browsing your emails, they are located within the “Studies” page, where you are able to apply directly by clicking into a project and then onto the survey. Do not forget to add [email protected] to your authorised contact, to not miss out one in the spams.

  • How does a study work?

    A study can take different forms. Vocal Views gives you the opportunity to take part to offline or online studies.

    An offline study can be:
    • a focus group: group interview at a chosen place.
    • a phone interview: you will be called on a chosen time, and being interviewed over the phone.
    • A face to face interview: you will be attending an interview with a moderator.
    • A mystery shopper: you will be asked to test a service in a real-life situation. You must follow a script and act as a random customer without revealing your true mission.

    An online study can be:
    • Survey: you must answer short questions online.
    • Blog: you may be asked to be connected x hours per day, and answer different tasks. Can be asked to answer questions, take pictures or short videos
    • Skype interview: in-depth video interview through Skype. It will be scheduled regarding your availabilities.
    • Platform videos: similar to Skype, but using the client’s platform

  • What about my data?

    Your data is strictly confidential and will not be shared publicly.  Vocal Views is registered with the information Commissioners office as registered data controller, to find out what this means click here. The results of a study will be analysed by a moderator and reported to our client for analysis purposes only, personal information such as your surname will remain strictly confidential and will never be shared, even with our clients. There are examples where the client may require location for a mix of bio-demographical segmentation.

    If you have chosen to participate in online market research such as a platform, blog on mobile diary, we are required to share email address with the platform for registration purposes.

    If the email address is required by the client, our client will be asked to fill a non-disclosure and confidentiality form.

  • How are incentives paid?

    Once the project is complete, you will receive an email with a link to a payment form that automatically submits to our accounts department. Payments generally take 7 working days* from submission of the payment form.

    *If our clients are handling incentives, duration can surpass 7 days. This will be explained at the recruitment stages.

  • How to update profile?

    You can update your profile by clicking on the “cog” icon on your profile page. The cog is on the right, and allows you to “Edit Profile”, which makes you able to amend any personal information such as your age, address etc.


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  • How do I sync social media accounts?

    We give you the option of verifying your identity via social media, the more social media accounts verified, the more points earned. The account accessible include; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or Instagram. You can access this feature by clicking on account page within the header menu and scrolling down to social media. Click on the social media you would like to connect and sign in. You will be rewarded with points.


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  • How do I manage my notifications?

    You can enable and disable specific notifications from the account page, which can be accessed by clicking on the account button within the header menu.


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  • How to reset my password?

    Navigate here, enter your email address and submit. You will then receive instructions on how to reset your password. If you have been locked due to many attempts please contact support

  • What is the Points and Badge system?

    The points and badge system is currently in Beta stage, we are testing out new ways of issuing members’ points. Points awarded on the Vocal Views website are not tangible and can not be redeemed or transferred for any cash or monetary rewards, they are solely virtual and used to measure a users interactions with the Vocal Views website and activity.

  • How to earn points?

    You can earn points easily via many ways:
    • visiting the website (issued per day)
    • referrals (you have a referral link to share with family/friends)
    • commenting on posts
    • commenting a blog article
    • creating posts
    • applying for studies / completing a screener

  • How to check point’s balance / history?

    You can check your points balance by navigating on the accounts page here within the my points section.


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  • How to gain points with referral link?

    Each member owns a referral link to share with family/friends. Your unique referral link can be found by navigating to my points section within the account page.

    If the person uses to link to register, you will be rewarded points.


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  • What is the Leaderboard?

    The leaderboard is a hierarchy of members based on number of points. The more points you earn, the higher your position on the leaderboard.

  • How to gain 100% profile completion?

    Here’s a image describing how to gain 100% profile completion: