The marketing team at Google Inc. collaborated with Vocal Views to conduct multi-region qualitative research to investigate how IOS and Android users navigate the “Google Search” application versus traditional mobile web browser search engine usage. Vocal Views studied the habits, trends, patterns, thoughts and opinions of regular users and non-users of their Native IOS and Android “Google Search” app to gain fruitful insight into the likes and dislikes of both channels.

Vocal Views cherry picked a representational sample of 200 members from their online community based on vigorous segmentation, demographic and social class vetting to share their opinions and feedback over 14 days online.

Those who took part were encouraged to post and share their experiences of using Google Apps versus other search engine mediums in the form of videos, screenshots and comments. There were 3 tasks to complete and questions to answer about their preferences, how often they used the app and what activities the app was being used to complete.




United Kingdom


Online Platform

Sample Size



B2C / Apps


£150 / $200

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