This study involved recruitment, moderating, assisting and interacting with respondents. All 100 respondents were required to sign up to a platform and complete a 2 week online diary.

The activities were monitored by our team, which closely evaluated the quality and validity of their answers, and ensured everyone participated and enjoyed the project.Respondents were a mix of adults, parents, teenagers and children, all aged between 2 – 58 years old, living in the United Kingdom and who enjoyed interacting with different types of content (smartphone apps, TV series, merchandise and social media).

Moderators presented new concepts and ideas each day, and our members were freely discussing their ideas and opinions on the forum, enjoying freedom of speech without having to disclose any of their personal information.

The project lasted 14 days, of which 10 were active and an additional 4 to “catch up” time, which was greatly appreciated by busy professionals and parents of children who were attending school and missed out a couple of activities.

Keeping in touch with our members meant we were able to manage the research in field to ensure that clients’ specifications and research objectives were adhered to and all quotas were met.

The results enabled the client to identify the level of penetration within the UK market, which was evidenced as the most interactive providing fruitful qualitative insight.




United Kingdom


14 days OBB

Sample Size



B2C – Online Streaming



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