The media play a role of “watchdog” for the public.

The media and the people related to the industry plays an indispensable role in the proper and smooth functioning of any democracy today. By conducting the discussions with old and new candidates, electoral and management bodies, failures, and successes of the candidates, their key role is to inform the public about, how effectively, the people in politics have performed and how to hold the effective one into account.

The rise of electronic media in the US, the major beneficiaries of them were the established politicians and the two political parties. During an election race the electronic media in the US show a very rational behavior in promoting the two political parties, candidates by taking the views of the public in several talk shows and different discussions in various platforms, they do not leave any stone unturned to help the public in giving their unbiased vote for the candidate. The electronic media key role in the United States is very important as the whole world put a keen eye on the US about their activities and their responsibilities and their take which they fulfill in the future.

The media plays a major role in communication.

An active and powerful media can help the people and public by diminishing the communication gap between them, by organising the debate activities, by making the people aware of their democratic rights, by providing a platform through which people and the political parties can easily communicate to the electorate. These duties are very well performed by the US media in these years and they have been very responsible for playing their role and communicating their voice well to the public and political parties. The media in the US have been one of the powerful one in informing the public about the current position of their system. Although they do influence them by their findings, but they do help their people in making a decision will surely not only shape their future but the world’s future too. Media is not only the source of information, but in the today’s scenario media only defines the political agenda to be followed and take the polls of the public too about their say.

What do you think about the media’s influence on the 2016 US election race? Do you consider it being positive or negative?