Our team

  • Camille DuboisProject Manager FR

    Graduating and completing an MA in Law, Camille owns great passion for ethical perfection.

    Camille launched her journey with Vocal Views as a junior project manager for the French market but has rapidly accumulated responsibilities day by day. Camille now manages our French operations with high hopes of branching out to the rest of Europe by 2018.


  • Saleem GhumranBD Manager

    With more than 18 years market research experience, Saleem recently moved into qualitative market research and moderation at Vocal Views enjoying the depth and richness of experiences shared.

    Saleem is very excited by what is made possible when people express themselves fully and how opinions shape our society when acted upon. Facilitating the communication process is Saleem’s main focus, via moderation online and offline research, alongside business development.

  • Mick O’CarrollConsumer Relations

    Michael, our Consumer Relations Manager is responsible for recruitment activities and communications, he fosters and maintains positive relationships with Vocal Views’ members and verifies integrity of the community prior to recruitment.

    Mick is a mastermind at effectively screening and interviewing candidates to meet our clients’ requirements.

  • Paul SchaetzMarketing Executive

    Paul Schaetz, Project Manager and Marketing Executive, will manage the target distributions channels.

    Besides marketing, Paul also manages projects in UK and France, from the creation to the analysis of the results. Using different analytical tools, Paul analyses the impact of multiple marketing channels for each projects.

Anthony Sinclair
  • Anthony SinclairFounder & Owner

    Anthony Sinclair, founder & MD of Vocal Views Ltd, will oversee the entire project and manage operations. Anthony is ESOMAR Registered.

    Graduating in Marketing and Business Information Systems Anthony set out to innovate the market research industry by concatenating various platform built from ground up.

  • Darren GhoumrassiSenior PM

    Darren Ghoumrassi, our Senior Project Manager will be the primary project contact.

    Darren specialised in Concept tests, Brand Iconography Tests, Device test, Assessing Product Messaging, Product profile evaluation, Market access, Pricing Study/Pricing test.

  • Bianca NeacsuRecruitment Leader

    Bianca, our UK Recruitment Team Leader has a passion for people. Studying Sociology at University of Westminister, she is the perfect segmentation gate-keeper.

    Bianca’s sixth sense analysing & distinguishing personality traits is a quality that enables us to cherry pick candidates precisely based on criteria.

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