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What are paid focus groups?

Paid Focus Groups


Paid focus groups and market research provides an opportunity to tell brands and corporations what you think about their products and services. Take part in paid market research, voice your thoughts and opinions in exchange for a monetary incentive.


What is a paid focus group?

A paid focus group is a discussion between 4-10 people, hosted online or in-person, monitored by a moderator. Paid focus groups vary in duration, topic, incentive and location. A paid focus group is one of the most popular paid market research methodologies due to the extensive fruitful information shared.


What is the duration of a paid focus group?

The duration of paid focus groups varies on an individual paid market research project by project basis, although the average paid focus group duration lasts 60-120 minutes. If the paid focus group is in person, you will need to take into consideration the travel time.


Why do people take part in paid focus groups?

Paid focus groups are interesting and a fantastic method of meeting new people. As a member of the public, Brands and Companies value your thoughts and opinions, as they potentially assist with executive decisions in relation to research, development, and innovation.


What compensation will I receive for participating?

In addition to contributing towards the development of products and services and potentially testing our new concepts before they hit the market, you will receive a monetary incentive for taking part in paid Market Research in the form of cash (bank transfer).


The amount you receive depends on a number of factors, including, but not limited to; the duration of the project, the topic and the methodology. When a project is created within the Vocal Views platform, the client will select an incentive to advertise, thus you will be made aware of the amount prior to applying


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