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Prior to the release of new products or advertisements, brands and advertising agencies often need to do pre-testing on members of the public.

Vocal Views provides an innovative platform where you can sign up and get involved in paid market research studies. It gives our registered members the opportunity to tell companies large and small how they feel about their products and services.

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The amount you will be paid will vary according to the type of research and the length of time you will be needed, which is always stated in the project description and invite. As we are constantly told by our members, not only are the research sessions financially rewarding, they’re also interesting and a lot of fun.

You Count

We are constantly looking for enthusiastic and articulate people who are keen to have their say on the latest products and services: positive, negative, and everything in between!
If this sounds like you, all you need to do is register on our website to become part of an ever-growing worldwide panel.


Before new products, services or advertisements are released, companies often require members of the public (target market) to provide valuable feedback before making big decisions. You could be talking about topics as varied as cars, smartphone apps, hotel stays, even interacting with prototypes.


Our face to face studies currently take place throughout the UK, Europe and USA but members are also required beyond these regions for online video focus groups, online video interviews, online diaries, product testing, surveys and blogs. Sign up and apply now!

”However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”

Winston Churchill

Hayley NConsumer, Trust Pilot

I am so glad that I signed up with Vocal Views. From beginning to end the process was smooth, professional and the researchers were always on hand to answer any questions I had during the study. Their projects are thoroughly enjoyable and their support and integrity means they always deliver a 5 star service

Adam EConsumer, Trust Pilot

imagine that it has been hard to adapt to the current predicament we are in but they were very professional and on-boarding was a very smooth experience.

Martino OConsumer, Trust Pilot

A good online research with interesting questions and good support . Only negative was too many questions per day which made you loose a little interest towards the end of each day and said should take about 45 minutes to answer which was impossible in that time . But taking away from that really enjoyed the topic

Dawn MConsumer, Trust Pilot

Really enjoyed the study. It was very different from others in the past. Made you think out of the box and be a bit creative. Would highly recommend.

Laura MConsumer, Trust Pilot

Interview completed online due to the covid-19 pandemy. The online interview system created for this reason was very intuitive, The administrator was very friendly and polite

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