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Recruit & Interview Consumers Globally

Sign up as a Client to schedule Online Video Focus Groups, or as a Moderator, Translator or Consumer to advertise your services.

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A flexible suite of research tools for human-insight-driven companies

VocalViews® is an online market research community with over 185,000 members fully verified globally.

Our bespoken recruitment algorithms allow you to recruit your target audience in under 24 hours to face to face methodologies and directly onto our secure and robust video interviewing platform.

Types of Market Research

Webcam Group
Webcam Interview
Focus Group
Mystery Shop
UX Test

How It Works

Create Interview

Create customised projects as a Client selecting from a variety of online and in-person methodologies including; Webcam FGD's, Online Communities, Offline Interviews, home visits and more.


Screener Wizard

Create logical screeners. Choose from a variety of question types from Single choice, through to Video Responses.

Moderator Locator

Import a Moderator, self-moderate, or filter through a list of moderators by experience, reviews and speciality.

Auto Transcripts

Deep learning automatic speech recognition (ASR) transcripts into any language Immediately or Human transcripts returned within 48 hours


Commissioned Moderation to a Vocal Moderator? Choose between a Summary and Full Report.


Filter & Invite

Filter 185,000 registered members based on profile variables; demographics, purchase habits, hobbies and interests. Alternatively, Upload a list of respondents by email. Upon registration, users will receive an invite to the private interview.


Audience Locator

If you require assistance with recruiting a target audience, filter through 185,000 registered members based on profile variables; demographics, purchase habits, hobbies and interests.

Campaign Blaster

Create an email campaign, using our template meta variables, or create custom text specific to the project, directly inviting filtered members to participate or complete a pre-screener first.

Direct Messages

Send complimentary direct messages to Consumers and Suppliers via the dashboard, requesting additional information and clarification prior to sending an invitation to participate.


Collaborate face-to-face with your respondents in real-time in video conference mode with automatic speaker detection. The system allows 20 consumers to participate in any one focus group.

Learn How


WebRTC based Ultra HD video conferencing with great resiliency and multiple full HD participants in real time without having to install additional plugins.


WebRTC based Full Duplex Audio supports crystal clear live audio streams over any protocol without the need to change any firewall rules or network configuration at your end.


Our digital whiteboard supports various drawing tools, LaTEX math equations, draw shapes & symbols, save snapshots, and document sharing in multiple tabs.

Screen Sharing

Highly intuitive HTML5-based Group Screen Sharing in HD allows the moderator to easily switch between multiple screens.

Session Recording

Server-side HTML5-based session recording without the need to install any other software or browser plugins, download instantly.

Simultaneous Translator

Enable a separate audio channel for real-time simultaneous translation. Observe and listen to the online interview in any language.

Waiting Room

Admit Consumers from the waiting room individually, this adds an additional layer of security and the option to recruit backups.

Tech Check

As part of the hiring process, all users must complete a hardware and bandwidth capability check, this reduces technical issues by 85%.


Participate Offline

Schedule interviews, create screeners, invite members, send confirmation emails and pay incentives all within VocalViews®.