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What is paid market research?

Different types of Paid Market Research


Paid market research provides the opportunity to voice your thoughts and opinions on products and services, in exchange for a monetary incentive. Your opinion is extremely important to Brands and Companies, as it assists with the innovation and development of existing and future products and services.

Paid Market Research

Paid Market Research

Focus Group

A focus group is an in-person group discussion led by a moderator. Participants are asked questions surrounding the topic of the discussion and encouraged to share thoughts openly with the moderator and other members of the focus group.


Online Focus Groups

The Vocal Views platform facilities online video focus groups. Technological advances in video transmission such as the Vocal Views platform have enabled remote video interviews and video group discussions to take place globally.


Online Communities

Paid Market Research Online Communities involve signing up to an online platform developed specifically for market research. They consist of a number of participants and a moderator, who guides participants to complete daily tasks and activities during a pre-arranged period. Similar to a social media platform, participants are encouraged to post videos, images and text answers in response to questions asked by a moderator. Depending on the client’s requirements, you may interact with fellow participants, alternatively, access is restricted, and tasks/activities will remain private between you and the moderator.



Ethnography is an in-depth research methodology which provides in-sight in real-time. Ethnographies could be conducted at a participant’s home, the high-street and in real life situations for example, whilst shopping, dining at a restaurant.


Online Surveys

Although Vocal Views predominantly offers qualitative research, from time to time we publish online surveys. Online Surveys are perfect for members with little time and prefer to answer text questions. Online surveys vary in duration between 2 – 45 minutes. As the duration ranges, we offer a monetary incentive to reflect.

Am I required to buy anything?

Absolutely not, we are not attempting to sell any products or services. Our mission is to provide Brands and Companies feedback in relation to their products and services. This information is value in itself as it assists our clients with improving their products and services. We will never attempt to sell anything to you, and you will never be asked to pay anything. You will financially benefit from participating.


Please sign up to participate in online / in-person Focus Groups, Ethnographies , Online Surveys and in-depth interviews.


How do I decide which companies to register with?

Vocal Views provides a platform for Global Brands and Companies to sign in and create research projects in real-time, so we advertise projects not only organised by Vocal Views, but for a multitude of clients around the world. With this in mind, we advise applying for paid market research projects via the Vocal Views website only.

If you decide to register with more than one website, before accepting to participate in paid market research projects for any external companies, we recommend reviewing the authenticity of the research company advertising the project by ensuring the company is a member of a market research governing body, such as The Market Research SocietyESOMAR, AQR and Insight Association.

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