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Agile Recruitment Process

We believe respondents are the most important aspect of a market research project. This is why Vocal Views have built smart AI tools that assist our research team with cherry picking the most suitable applicants.

Innovative with us

Smart AI Profile Fields

Smart profile fields synchronise with our pre-screeners, updating a members profile in real-time. Every time a member completes a pre-screener, their profile is updated, which means we spend more time on recruiting the correct people and less time on manually cleaning our member base. 

“Get close to consumers”

anywhere and at any time


1,800,000 enthusiastic members registered globally waiting to participate in market research


20 default profile variables, including demographics and products owned. Custom variables upon request

Smart Verification

‘Vocal Passport’ connects to various government gateways worldwide and verifies the authenticity of respondents

Social Media API

Once authorised; demographic, employment and overall social media data is fetched and concatenated


Our diverse members are ready to provide the ultimate qualitative research solution to support any hypothesis.

White Label

Vocal Views is an extension of your company, allow our recruiters to work their magic, whilst you focus on the project dynamics

Behind the Profile

Custom Built AI algorithms assist with filtering, search and pinpointing relevant applicants.

Profile Data

20 default profile variables, including demographics and products owned. Custom variables upon request.


Our platform retrieves various API callbacks including; identification, location, friend count, groups interested in and follow data.


Our AI bot concatenates the retrieved social media data and organises into a readable table.


Our AI bot cross-references the information to find correlations and inconsistencies. Finally, our human employees review the results.

Innovative API's

Social Media Synchronisation

Plugged in

Smart Verification System

Know Your Respondents

Verification of respondents is at the heart of Vocal Views. Our smart verification tool allows us to verify the identification of respondents to ensure integrity and confidence.


Facial Recognition

Vocal Views makes sure that the person in front of the camera and the person on the document looks the same. A pretty common fraud is to simply download some random ID card from the internet. By making a face match, you assure yourself that the document presented indeed belongs to the user verifying herself.

Vocal Views uses regular computer vision as well as deep neural networks, trained on massive datasets to make a face match that works for all countries. Our models are trained so that the worst thing that can happen is that the picture on the document is old or deteriorated and that user will get flagged, and we will send that user to manual review.

Liveness Recognition

A very well known attack is a user putting a printed picture (the tech version a picture of someone on a smartphone) in front of the camera during the verification process. On top of facial recognition algorithms, Vocal Views has developed different types of biometric AI models that make sure users in front of the camera are real people, and not printed pictures, or a picture on a smartphone.

Vocal Views’ strategy to assure our member base is not filled with fake pictures of faces, we ask all members to record a small video of each user during the verification flow (5-7 seconds) where we ask the user to move his face. We then have AI models that will analyse the face movements and will be able to tell with extreme accuracy if the user in front of the camera is real or fake.

Document Authenticity Check

Two very common attacks companies see are fraudsters replacing either the text or the image of a document in to fake it. It goes without saying that Vocal Views’ mission being to securely verify our members, we also check for document authenticity

Checking for document authenticity is probably the hardest to check for a company, but also probably the most valuable. Because if you only OCR (Optical Character Recognition, aka document reading) a document, and perform no document authenticity, you put yourself at risk of one day discovering that many of your users are fake.

Government validation check
(available only in some countries)

For countries such as UK and USA, the government has databases that can be accessed in order to validate that the information on an ID is correct. The ID number, the expiration date, sometimes even the picture of the person. However, this is not available in most countries.

We check for global terrorism watchlists, International wanted criminal lists, sanctioned criminal lists, anti-money laundry list. And we always keep adding more.