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Bid on Market Research Projects in Real-time

VocalViews® is an Online Qualitative Research Marketplace, Connecting Brands with Moderators and Interpreters. Sign up as a Supplier to leverage an additional revenue stream by advertising your services.

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What we’re all about

Find tailored sales opportunities via our Research Marketplace.

Our bespoken research marketplace provides an additional advertising channel for Moderators and Interpreters to promote their services.

When you create a profile on our platform, potential clients can see your rating, reviews, and portfolio, making it easy for them to choose the right person for the job. Plus, our marketplace offers a convenient way for customers to compare prices and find the best value for their needs. So if you’re looking for another way to reach potential clients, be sure to create a profile on our marketplace today.

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How It Works

Sign Up

via e-mail and create a digital CV. This assists Brands with short-listing suppliers based on speciality and experience.


Hourly Fee

Select an hourly fee to charge based on methodology type

Digital Profile

Include speciality, topics, experience, referees and more


Enable and Disable Availability based on workload


Select the cost of providing a summary and full report.


Bid on Projects

Share proposals for market research projects via our user-friendly dashboard, and filter projects based on topic, location, methodology and duration.


Participate Online

Collaborate face-to-face with respondents in real-time in video conference mode with automatic speaker detection. The system allows 20 consumers to participate in any one focus group. Alternatively, provide services in-person at one of our partner facilities.

Learn How


WebRTC based Ultra HD video conferencing with great resiliency and multiple full HD participants in real time without having to install additional plugins.


WebRTC based Full Duplex Audio supports crystal clear live audio streams over any protocol without the need to change any firewall rules or network configuration at your end.


Our digital whiteboard supports various drawing tools, LaTEX math equations, draw shapes & symbols, save snapshots, and document sharing in multiple tabs.

Screen Sharing

Highly intuitive HTML5-based Group Screen Sharing in HD allows the moderator to easily switch between multiple screens.

Session Recording

Server-side HTML5-based session recording without the need to install any other software or browser plugins, download instantly.

Simultaneous Translator

Enable a separate audio channel for real-time simultaneous translation. Observe and listen to the online interview in any language.

Waiting Room

Admit Consumers from the waiting room individually, this adds an additional layer of security and the option to recruit backups.

Tech Check

As part of the hiring process, all users must complete a hardware and bandwidth capability check, this reduces technical issues by 85%.


Receive Payment

Withdraw funds to a chosen bank account.* ID Verification required for first payout.