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4 Reasons Why Product Testing Is Important for Manufacturers


What is product testing? To ensure the quality and dependability of a product, product testing is integral in the rollout process of any product. Through testing of products, manufacturers can define their products’ technical, emotional, and economic specifications. This is important as it will help develop an initial product into a high-quality commodity that is more than suitable for your consumers’ use.


To remain ahead of the curve in manufacturing, increase the image of your business, and, more importantly, rear your head above your competitors, it is essential to establish guidelines to ensure that your products meet your customers’ expectations. If you’re not sure about your company’s necessity to proceed with product testing, we have comprised these four reasons why product testing is essential for your company/product alike. 


1) Offers insight into real-life applications.


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While testing the performance of your product by itself can be beneficial, it’s also recommended to test your product in the system it is intended to function within.


Your product will only be as efficient as the totality of all components that work together. For example, it is all well and good testing the product in a controlled environment and deeming it a successful product. However, it is the real-world implementation that is important!

To determine how your product can perform in conjunction with other products, it is essential to first establish the objective for the product and how well your product is performing in a real-world setting. It is necessary to ensure that the product you test is new, engaging, and needed. The product needs to fit into the market harmoniously, so testing your product to ensure it is something your consumers even want is integral.


2) Figures out how your product will or can withstand.


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This point is relatively similar to the first; however, this point focuses more on the actual durability of the product.


Stress testing must be a part of product testing to determine the kinds of stresses your product is able to withstand regardless of temperatures or pressure, weather or any other hazardous conditions. By conducting stress tests, manufacturers can test the real-world situations their products are likely to encounter throughout their life cycle without just waiting to see how long the product lasts. For instance, corrosion can happen over time if a product is exposed repeatedly to chemicals. To ensure that this does not occur, producers must introduce corrosive materials such as saltwater to observe the product’s reaction.

Following this, what may work well in a lab, may fall victim to the outside world’s variables such as fresh air, pollution levels, etc. A perfume product may smell fantastic and last long in a lab, but other variables such as those listed could quickly eliminate these factors. The product needs to be tested to gain insight.


3) Finds product defects before they eliminate your consumer base.


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It is crucial to know the quality of your product before it is delivered to the client. Testing before using is essential to avoid issues that could result from customer complaints or product failures.


In more extensive applications, imperfections could cause serious harm. To protect your users, company image and integrity, it’s essential to reduce the risk of defective products via testing new product, (and existing products!) which means they are thoroughly experimented upon before they are offered for sale.

As a business, your consumers should be your number one priority, and if your product is causing them harm, this will be the death of your company. Your customers trust you and will feel betrayed if you haven’t carried out the necessary steps to ensure you are delivering the best quality product you could formulate.


4) Helps you genuinely deliver the best version of your product/service to your consumers.


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Achieving that your product is compliant with specific standards is among the primary goals of testing products. There are certain standards that a lot of products must fulfil before being used and distributed.


Testing facilities for product reliability must be integrated into each manufacturing facility. To ensure that your products are safe, reliable, and of the highest quality, different tests must be performed before the time the product leaves the manufacturing facility. These initial tests are what should tackle the issues we discussed in the previous points.

After this initial test is when you should complete your second phase of product testing, this is where Vocal Views can come in. Once you know your product is safe, this is when you can roll it out to actual individuals that will test the product to obtain your real-life application. We have recruited many product-testing trials that have gone wonderfully. Additionally, do not worry if you are not wanting to splash out for large testing facilities, we have carried out many product testing from home studies that have gone swimmingly!

Respondents will receive unmarked versions of your products and trial them with zero bias. This is when your brand can decide whether they want to go forwards with the implementation of said product or go back to the drawing board. This part is probably the most important, as these individuals will have the most honest responses. Before rolling out your products to your existing consumer base, you can eliminate any issues.



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