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The Guide to Effective Online Focus Groups


Successful online focus groups are an excellent way to gather customer feedback. They offer several advantages over in-person focus groups, including collecting responses quickly and easily. In addition to being fast and convenient, they do not require the expense of travel and child care, which can make it an excellent option for busy companies. However, implementing an online focus group requires some preparation.


The Essential Steps


  1. First, it is essential to have precise, engaging group stimuli. Because participants perceive information in context, poorly constructed information will skew results. When transferring paper-based content to an online environment, consider how this new medium may affect the results. For example, online focus groups may be more engaging for shy people. In addition, they will be free from distractions. This article will discuss the best ways to design an online focus group.


2. Next, you should brainstorm potential visual stimuli. Draw a rough timeline for each session and consider when it will be most efficient to present visuals and ask questions. Once you have your visual stimulation, upload them to a media manager. Create group plans that include the relevant digital assets. Following these steps will ensure that all participants are engaged and that the results are easily understood and put to good use. So, if you are ready to take your online focus groups to the next level, don’t hesitate to give them a try.


3. Once you have selected the questions, you should brainstorm the visual stimuli. Before the online focus group, you should prepare a discussion guide to ensure the flow of conversation. The facilitator should use the discussion guide to focus on the topic during the group. You can also create a timeline using PowerPoint. Once you have decided on a topic, you should create a presentation with the question and visuals.


Before the focus group, you should create a profile for the participants; this will help you target your focus groups appropriately. The process of recruiting participants should be easy and stress-free. During the online focus group, the participants should be allowed to ask as many questions as possible. Creating a sample of your targeted audience is the key to an influential online focus group. The goal of the focus group should be to obtain the most valuable insight for your company.

In addition, you should create a rough session timeline to determine which visuals are best displayed and when to post questions. Once you have a list, create the plan for your group. You can use templates to create the session schedule. It would help if you also prepared the questionnaire. You can make notes in real-time and share them with your participants.


Here at Vocal Views, we developed an online platform that provides the ability to create online focus groups in seconds.


Online Video Focus Groups

Create and publish interviews in real-time by settings the relevant variables; Date / Time, Duration, Language, Target Market, Target Audience, Time-Zone, Incentive and Methodology.

Collaborate in video conference mode with automatic speaker detection. The system allows 20 consumers to participate in a focus group.



WebRTC based Ultra HD video conferencing with excellent resiliency and multiple full-HD participants in real-time without having to install additional plugins.


Our digital whiteboard supports various drawing tools, LaTeX maths equations, drawing shapes & symbols, saving snapshots, and document sharing in multiple tabs.


Screen sharing
Highly intuitive HTML5-based Group Screen Sharing in HD allows the moderator to switch between multiple screens easily.


Session Recording
Server-side HTML5-based session recording without the need to install any other software or browser plugins download instantly.


Simultaneous Translator
Enable a separate audio channel for real-time simultaneous translation. Observe and listen to the online interview in any language.


Waiting Room
To Admit Consumers from the waiting room individually, adding another layer of security and the option to recruit backups.


Tech Check
All users must complete a hardware and bandwidth capability check as part of the hiring process.


Learn more about creating online focus groups via our platform here.